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Please to announce that Payroll Jelly has been acquired by the too-big-to-fail conglomerate Swany’s Whey, apologies to the man behind the curtain, based out of Boners Aries under the sign of the dollar.

Please to reset all your simple syndicates, meta-data scrutineers, robot files, facebook likes, and by the authority vested in me, your standing in the holy google, to  this link, hidden as well as possible from the ruskies, may god bless them as they roast in hell. 


So ferd another clerk with astromye;
He walked in the feeldes for to prye
Up-on the sterres, what ther shoulde bifalle
Till he was in a marle-pit y-falle:
He saugh nat that.

— Chaucer, The Miller’s Tale

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