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When is an oil not an oil

Do not waste random numbers — you may never see them again.

In the story, his movements were graceful, but he’s gone a tad limp in his game leg. Said the seamstress to the fly.

A hunk of rye and a thigh, said the fly, and zippity do-dah, zippity day.

His autopsy found that he was the only person of no particular distinction; but they overlooked his thumbs.

It is the first hand person to be born with two fingers, one on each.

But grandmother, did they have thumbs ?

No child, no thumbs.

Then how did they eat their chicken wings ?

They pressed the chicken button.

One day, among the two fingered people, a man came by sea. The very sight of the man killed an old dog.

Grandmother, tell us the tale. Tell how he cashed in on the two finger discount.

Ulysses bid farewell to his wife and to his son, child, and headed into the mountains with an oar over his shoulder. On the fourth day a farmer asked him about the shape of his blade, whether it was for winnowing. Ulysses went to supper that night with the farmer, who talked about his children: They were all working stiffs.

A works on the fab line for Bush Brothers Heavy Industries. All of Homeland’s contracts come through Bush Brothers.

B is a guard at the solar facility near Chomsky’s Last Stand, a joint venture of Homeland and Bush Brothers.

C is head of IT for the Betty Furness Woman’s Prison, a subsidiary of Bush and Clinton.

A, B, and C all live in Camp Silicon. They go to church at St. Obama of the Drones.

What’s a drone, grandmother?

The friars like to say that a drone is the harmonious effect of a single note. But we say “this drone’s for you.” Meaning watch your back. Like when the friars are upon you.

The farmer said he had one more child, D, who was harvested as a slave for Big Goo. But productivity constrained the number of slaves Big Goo could afford. The highest concentration was in the camps. It was careful not to bring the pool below the number needed to maintain the silicon fabrication facilities.

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