He has begun, as will be donne,
at wooded foot, green valley.
Uphill he run, through forest come,
into the alpine, sally.

Rockrubble to glacier he tickles the ridge
on clodhopper adamantine.
Sweet liberty! The wicked itch
to press the bonedry waterspart
where the immovable moves aside,
where billypiss piddles to oceans wide.

Tripping over the bear champlain
he drones a scrubpine ditty.
Bless the mahotean coffee
and the aztec chocolat.
Preserve the fly in the ointment,
Keep my belly hot.
Lure the foarm riverhen
Soon, before it’s shot.

Deep in the bouldered abyss,
whitewater sparkle and hiss.
Blackfly buzzz.
Breeze off, bud.

Shadows drag thru lofty hummocks,
downcast eyes scan granite grit.
So Skinhunter’s in immanual Lemnos
when women in flocks were charmed by his looks.
Here are no women but only rocks,
saltpeter to pepper Paul’s tony rot,
amatory not.

Easpoor of ostrich, noon,
a sneeze on the dusty road.

Incense of ripe Pandora.
Conjunctive limbo sidesprouts,
olfactory bulbs and smelling salts,
millions of comets flock pell mell.
High in the mountains a shepherd fell.

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