On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies

ASCII and you shall receive the signal. Prezooming you don’t slip your DOS in the corpse of human events. Pee see? Aye, BM. I see BM.

After two fructifying terms on the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, I was seconded to the Zouth Polo on the National Ozone Expedition. You’ve noticed the bright region surrounding your shadow on a cloud? Then maybe you’ve noticed the redskin surrounding our little fart on the prairie?

I loaded seven terminate and stay resident modules into my RAM noodle and was about to key into a turn of Willy the Worm when the system locked. Half my winnie’s allocation table was mushed. One of these days, Alice.

Hot diggidy dog ziggidy. Boom, what you do to me. A ringing in the ear. Rin tin tinian. Polly wolly doodle all the year.

Hiro, hero hiroshima. Enol, enola gay.
Zipper, zipper de doodah. On some sunny day.

Put that in yr protractor and preplow. O Katy Huffandpuff, be a fine girl and kiss me right now. Katydid, smack dab, right on the kisser.

Dame Tote, the girl from Ipomoea Convolvulus, the morning glory, met up with larvae man, soon to be moth man, when his philosophy develops. Cocoons he cannon, he’s a man with emission controls. Overcame galalayin inertia with his demob money. Sterility guaranteed unless orphaned before Christmas. Sperm machete. Whale of a sink. L’homme is where the hard is. Go for wool and come back shorn. Ball change.

I found a rosehip on my saddle. Cutting thru the bush in four fathoms of frost. In fifty leagues of baseonballs, a hundred joints o’lam.

Some magnetic moment, you may see a diepole, rapelled by my great stoned face. When wood splits on the hairline crack. When the wildfire rages at the garbage heap. When the hemispheres split down her midden. In what furnace was thy barn? Chaotic attractors are noise amplifiers.

News flash. Too late for supers. More remote controls. Too much candy. New wave city. More kids use tape. More people use locks. People say too many cities. Lightening strikes the decorations. Lights are flashing more often. People must watch more often.

USSA: We have a hairshop in our mall.
USSR: We have a post office.
USSA: We have nine hundred kinds of bulk food.
USSR: We have one thousand different kinds of junk food.

Soddenly overheard and solemnly undertaken at the Russo-American Match Book Company, please take cover before striking.

Any crystal baller knows that when a disck is inserted into a drive, it is mounted by the ROM routine.

Here’s looking at you, kid. No light at that end of the toenail. She turns her lip in mock. Aroused by my advances she may see a strange quark. Faunt heart never won fair woma. Lose a head of esteem. Bank up the fire with natural brain serial.

Don’t arisen until arosen to, Christ figure of speech. I’ll see yr hem and raise you an eyebrow. Ahum.

Hail mary quite contrary, how does your — does my belliey have a why or an eye eek? — how does your bellow bush bloom? With cock on the half shell (fruit of the womb) and pretty maids all on a roll.

What, lost yr knickers? And never know where to find them. Then harrowed be thy gams. Thus endth the clocksin and mellish prolog, with one eye triangled behind my back (alligator in croc minor) and one leg game.

The Latin Bestiary of the elfth century admitted that the formal similarity between the chromatic distribution curve for thermal radiation and the Maxwell velocity-distribution law was too striking to remain hidden for long. The creature is called Castor the friendly beaver because of pollux geminiation. It thrives on spunkwater and engine meal shorts, it is also known as Saint Elmos’ fire, presumed to portend the cessation of a strum and drank.

There be some that did castrate themselves for the kingdom of god, who were released under their own recognizance. The bull squirrel will bite off the nuts of the young bucks in the nest. Puffalong passsivity.

I know what you’re going to say next.

Do you now? During the duration of any garden variety nuclear war likely to occur in our rapidly shortening lifetimes, nineteen hundred and neuf de nade separate reports must be continuously and concomitantly filed with the Nuclear Warfare Status Branch, Joint Chefs of Staph, in accordance with the standard operating procedure for coordination of atomic operations.

Too much hair in your nose, too much blood in your eye, too much wax in your ear, too much freckle on your brow. Better see the eye dentist. Hee ha whose loft’s lost, leaks leest. Who put the duals in individuals? Saul done with bellows. Life seemed so feudal with the pions working in the field.

Pass me a slug of spaceman’s beer. She unfolds near him like a flower in the sun. Back to our story.

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