On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

Foursquare and several meals a day, our fivefodders and sexmudders went hubbubbling. Lapping each others’ behind the back, stretching Hooker’s loi on spelt Sealeys, pulling rank. All blamboozy eyed from hidden argentas. In brief, working awed hours. In shorts, shooting the breeze.

They wore heaven a hell ova time. From the planes of Noradco-Nozzler to the craters where livers got lillipills. Aegis ago under an avuncular bumbershoot. Handsfull of worriers being taken for a leek, chanting the owed to the tundric urne. Hennypennyone preying oder profitizing mit head huncovered disfiggers the head. Many megatoons before the breakup of our nuclear family.

Groined ceiling. War an insade joke, by job. The ridgepole cracked. Yawn knave strutted around the buttress, arrayed like Sullivan in all his glories, dressed to the emcee square. Non fingo hypothico he, uzum erectus oedifuss on a giant edipussy. Einstein’s asgard asa newton. Ein zwei dry fear ist argot.

Around about the decent of the oracles, he was honked till dief and dumfounded as the farmer in Adelle. (Produce by.) Gossamer inprism hymn. Has hymen many a gander since the kurds wayed in. Couldn’t keep up his end of the hind. Brow falling stern, gifted with gab, he gravely gulped a glass of bitters. Them let without salts vomit up the first stone.

He was brot some yonder bread, he would not eat. Nor would he drink the water. Urpsprung the countess of Salvary, who dancing dropt her garter. Chaste? Change why to the aye and add e s p.

Wood ye be willow to gift up yr stumack while those all round are waisting theirs? Get thee behind me, Romeo. Fowl bowel. He flagged in his randy career. Chest ribbing, madam. Wash you wart. The new groom sleeps clean if the slipper fits. Haul men are crated equal. Spar the rod, spoil the bladder.

Snakes in her goldilocks. Laff can be foney, sept when yr tickled to death. Bugs in her ears. You do knead a schoolmarm to vive la difference tween rite and wrung. Incognito ergot soma.

Turn Isis. Sis in rut. Now for twinces. Wishupon it were still kosher to green more wives than one. In the stray scent of the verd. Mormon’s dozen sweet superstarlets, greglorious as bingo. Double yr pleasure. Ball three. Gnawstick penumbra. Aromatic auspices and flamenoids.

Under pain of bread and spread of butter, the sun beat the wind in disrobin the rover. What’ll we tell the kids? Derrière de rien. The London derrière.

He wired for wine. One percent flockululation, ninety-nine bottles of perspurspiration. She dialed for bread. She raised a skirt. Esau and call trump. Hirsuite? Whiskers, but not on her face.

Yeast we forget, he is risen. Waged the rugged tree. Mock my worts. Hair trigger. Ramparts. The master debator went off his nut. Sirens. A moment of inertia. Swing animus. Oldest trick in the book. Who nose what evol? Bock. Take yr base. Ex folio. They gambol in brood delight. A troywate of flint. Tinder’s the knight. Such a burn of bushes. Touch wood, punk.

Yule remember what happen to the bay what cried wharf. Got dockt. But what happen to the capn who smote his doter by the ocean? Cot the flew with his pants down, dickering with nativity. Was in the end booted out of the gluckkliche farting contest. Atomic piles.

Oct, this egg is roi in the muddle.

That’s the usual sign. If in doubt about what to sacrifice, two ripe melons will suffice.

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